[erlang-questions] ssh direct-tcpip port forwarded tunnel

Tom van Neerijnen tom@REDACTED
Tue Jun 10 09:51:18 CEST 2014

Thanks anyway but I think your solution is the wrong way around.
I'm specifically writing a SSH server, not a SSH client, and my admittedly
naive understanding of your example (I've been erlanging for all of a few
weeks) and ssh_connection:direct_tcpip is that this would work if I were
writing a client but not for a server.
I may be misunderstanding tho so bear with me while I explain and if I am
indeed wrong please let me know where I would hook
ssh_connection:direct_tcpip up to a running ssh:daemon.

I've tracked down the reason it's not working for me to
ssh_connection:handle_msg(#ssh_msg_global_request{name = Type, want_reply =
WantReply, data = Data}, Connection, _).
A request for tcpip-forward obviously has want_reply set to true but the
function in this case always returns a ssh_msg_request_failure.
I'm going to have a crack at having it look up from available subsystems
(or what ever port forwarding is, I'll give the RFC a better read to
understand it) in a similar way to Python's Twisted Conch.

If I'm missing something obvious please let me know, otherwise if I get it
working I'll submit a pull request.
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