[erlang-questions] ssh direct-tcpip port forwarded tunnel

Tom van Neerijnen tom@REDACTED
Sat Jun 7 00:49:06 CEST 2014

Hi all

Does anyone have an example of an Erlang port forwarding SSH server?
My aim is to give it a ssh -R 1234:localhost:5678 and have the erlang
server forward connections on 1234 to localhost:5678.

I've started ssh:daemon as described in the docs and have an Erlang shell
on the server end of my ssh connection, so that at least is working, but I
can't seem to get ssh_connection:direct_tcpip called.
I  guessed that I needed to add a "direct-tcpip" subsystem but this is
ignored when I ssh in.
Anyone got any pointers to get me started?

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