[erlang-questions] eaddrinuse even though I am using {reuseaddr, true}

Daniel Barney dan353hehe@REDACTED
Fri Jun 6 19:09:48 CEST 2014

My application establishes a LOT of outbound connections on an internal
network, and then closes them really quickly. I recently started running my
erlang applications on SmartOs, an os based on illumos/solaris, and noticed
something strange. Every now and then when establishing the outbound
connection I get an error {error,eaddrinuse}.

I used to get this when running on Ubuntu, so I added {reuseaddr,true}
which solved the issue.

And now that I switched over to using SmartOS the issue has popped back up.

Has anyone seen this kind of difference between the VM running between
And does anyone know where I could start looking to debug this?

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