[erlang-questions] CB render a param to the url

Ivan Carmenates García co7eb@REDACTED
Wed Jun 4 14:48:08 CEST 2014

Hi David and all,


I would like to know if there is a way in CB to pass a parameter to a page
url and values to the template at the same time using a redirect or
render_other, for example in my case: 

I have a simple page with a control tab and in the url I specify as a
parameter witch tab will be showed when the page loads, ex:


Then if some errors occurs while entering the login information I have to
redirect from the controller who is dealing with the POST login request to
the //localhost/session again but passing ?tab=login to open the
corresponded tab, ex: //localhost/session?tab=login but at the same time I
have to pass values to the django template.


I tried this, but it didn’t work!


    {render_other, [{controller, "index"},

                    {action, "session?tab=login"}],

                    [{errors, Errors}]}.


And this:


    {render_other, [{controller, "index"},

                    {action, "session"},

                    {tab, "login"}],  %% or {params, [{tab, "login"}]} and
many of its variants

                    [{errors, Errors}]}.


I also tried to do something like this in the boss routes file


{"/signup", [{controller, "index"}, {action, "session"}, {tab, "login"}]}.


So I could simplify the render other


    {render_other, [{controller, "index"},

                    {action, "signup"}],

                    [{errors, Errors}]}.


Best regards,




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