[erlang-questions] How to return all records in dets

Anthony Ramine n.oxyde@REDACTED
Sun Jun 1 13:03:10 CEST 2014

Let’s not make the Erlang manual depend on a foreign company just for commenting.

I’m not even sure I want comments, I read some of them on Real Haskell and they certainly don't look like they bring something interesting to the table. It reminded me of the comments on the PHP documentation.

Anthony Ramine

Le 1 juin 2014 à 11:38, Mark Nijhof <mark.nijhof@REDACTED> a écrit :

> Just a thought on commenting, but adding a disqus comment section to each page might be a real quick way to enable that. Just add it to the templates you use for generating the html. Later it should also be rather easy to migrate them somewhere else if needed.

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