[erlang-questions] R16 + Centos + Crypto + ESL Package

Per Hedeland per@REDACTED
Thu Jul 31 18:29:02 CEST 2014

Andreas Schultz <aschultz@REDACTED> wrote:
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>> I was actually about to report it as a bug fix, but found that R17 - uh,
>> 17? - has much better one (it disables *only* the EC2M stuff which is
>> all that is missing on "current" CentOS/RHEL at least) - thanks to the
>> OTP team for that! - "in advance", we're not ready for "17" yet. If you
>> are, I suggest that you try it.
>The R17 version was added by this pull request:
>You could try to apply this to R16 as well.

Thanks! When I looked into backporting - can't remember if I looked at
these commits or simply diffed the R16 and R17 sources - it seemed to me
that the EC2M-specific changes were dependant on a significant amount of
other stuff, and so gave up on it, since I didn't have a pressing need
to have EC at all. E.g. looking just at the crypto.c changes in the
above, there are algo_xxx[] arrays (with algo_pubkey[] being extended),
that don't exist at all in R16. But maybe it is doable with some work.


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