[erlang-questions] Performance measurement for er_zauker

Giovanni Giorgi jj@REDACTED
Thu Jul 31 14:02:42 CEST 2014


Hi all, 

 I am writing a code indexer called er_zaueker: it is based on erlang
and redis: https://github.com/daitangio/er_zauker 

It is also my "erlang learning project". 

I am trying to optimize it. 

What are the OTP API I can use to find out where is spent much of the

I need an aggregate timing value to find the slowest functions. 

er_zauker breaks the files in "trigram" and push them to redis. This
part is done sequentially on a single file, whereas file processing is
spread via a lot of processes. 

The entire work is higly I/O bound, but I hope to break the 10 files per
second barrier soon. 

I'd like tu understang if it make sense to have more processes per
single file. 

To collect trigram I am using the sets module, but I think R17 maps
could be even more fast. 

Gio's Blog http://gioorgi.com
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