[erlang-questions] Gen_UDP Packet Loss

Lee Sylvester lee.sylvester@REDACTED
Wed Jul 30 21:04:52 CEST 2014

Thanks Jesper.  How exactly do I check the Kernel’s buffer?


On 30 Jul 2014, at 20:03, Jesper Louis Andersen <jesper.louis.andersen@REDACTED> wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 9:00 PM, Lee Sylvester <lee.sylvester@REDACTED> wrote:
> So, I set a bunch of flags to update the buffer size:
> {:buffer, 1024*1024*16}, {:recbuf, 1024*1024*16}, {:sndbuf, 1024*1024*16}
> Giving quite a hefty amount of buffer space.  When I connect 5 clients to the server with an echo peer, and send about 1000 packets from each with 1500 bytes per packet, only 50% of the packets even get registered in the message stack.  I’ve conferred with other Erlang devs and have heard their similar servers can support around 1000 such clients.  Why, then, do I get this issue?  :-(
> Any idea’s or help would be greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Lee
> Start by verifying your kernel is not dropping the packets at its end. If your kernels buffer is full, then things will not work.
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> J.

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