[erlang-questions] Cluster Functional test using Slave Nodes

marcos quesada marcos.quesadas@REDACTED
Wed Jul 30 11:53:16 CEST 2014

Hi there! 

 I'm developing some kind of cluster (toy project), and writing a functional tests using slave:start it's being more dificult than expected... It's just a test where some nodes are started and joinned between them, so that,cluster creation can be asserted.

   I'm getting crazy trying to find an explanation to an unexpected behavior, that is, starting first node (using make start), and then executing manually cluster_test:cluster_formation() the whole tests works fine. The same test integrated in the app test suite, executed as make quicktests, fails responding timeout: 
   module 'cluster_test'
      cluster_test: cluster_formation_suite_test_...*timed out*
   [done in 5.001 s]

Configuration files between those configurations are identical, when running make start, cluster app is first started, so when i run make quicktests setup step takes care to start up cluster app.

 I don't understand why slave:start is failing returning a timeout error, it has been hard to solve step by step some minor config errors, so, when finally slaves where working fine executing the test manually i was expecting to complete that functional test suite...

 Any clue will be great , thanks!!


	@$(ERL) -config releases/dev/dev1/etc/app.config -args_file releases/dev/dev1/etc/vm.args \
	-pa $PWD apps/*/ebin deps/*/ebin -rsh ssh -boot start_sasl -s cluster

	rm -rf apps/cluster/.eunit/
	ERL_FLAGS="-args_file apps/cluster/test/conf/vm.eunit.args -config apps/cluster/test/conf/app.eunit.config -pa $PWD apps/*/ebin deps/*/ebin -rsh ssh" \
	./rebar skip_deps=true compile eunit --verbose

cluster_test.erl :

cluster_formation_suite_test_() ->
        fun setup/0,
        fun teardown/1,
            fun cluster_formation/0

setup() ->
    application:ensure_all_started(cluster, permanent),
    %% Go outside eunit folder /home/marcos/code/cluster/apps/cluster/.eunit


teardown(_) ->

cluster_formation() ->
    ?ioLog("Pwd is ~p Cookie ~p node ~p ~n", [c:pwd(), erlang:get_cookie(), node()]),

    Host = '',
    Args = " -pa apps/*/ebin deps/*/ebin -setcookie secret -rsh ssh",
    {ok, Slave1} =  slave:start(Host, slave1, Args),
    {ok, Slave2} = slave:start(Host, slave2, Args),
    ?assertEqual([], c:pwd()),

    rpc:call(Slave1, application ,ensure_all_started,[cluster,permanent]),
    rpc:call(Slave2, application ,ensure_all_started,[cluster,permanent]),

    ?assertEqual(pong, net_adm:ping(Slave1)),
    ?assertEqual(pong, net_adm:ping(Slave2)),

    ?assertEqual(Slave1, 'slave1@REDACTED'),
    ?assertEqual(Slave2, 'slave2@REDACTED'),

    Result1 = rpc:call(Slave1, cluster, join,[node()]),
    ?assertEqual(ok, Result1),
    Result2 = rpc:call(Slave2, cluster, join,[node()]),
    ?assertEqual(ok, Result2),


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