[erlang-questions] dialyzer and behaviours

Daniil Churikov ddosia@REDACTED
Wed Jul 16 14:56:29 CEST 2014

%% I apologize if you get this message second time, but initially I posted
it through google-groups
%% interface and discovered that it is not replicated to this mailing list.

Is there any way to write a spec for dialyzer that will tell that I expect
module of certain behaviour?

Simplified example:


-callback table() -> iolist().

%% Instead of `Mod :: atom()' I want something that will reflect that only
%% modules which implements `my_db' behaviour are allowed.
-spec create(Mod :: atom(), Vals :: [iolist(), ...]) -> iolist().
create(Mod, Vals) ->
    Table = Mod:table(),
    ["INSERT INTO ", Table, " VALUES (", string:join(Vals, ", "), ");"].
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