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Lee Sylvester lee.sylvester@REDACTED
Tue Jul 8 22:25:02 CEST 2014

The problem is, different works require different amounts of contribution.  I’ve edited works from good writers who’s first language is English and had an easy time, because most of the work was technical in nature.  I’ve also had work where the literature was from a non-English speaker where most of the effort involved was simply trying to make sense of what the author was trying to say, let alone merit its correctness.


On 8 Jul 2014, at 20:59, Raoul Duke <raould@REDACTED> wrote:

> i'm actually conceited/self-aware enough to claim that i'm a quite
> good editor (as is my wife, she's probably even a bit better). i've
> done it for free in the past since i got to read early copies of
> things for free and educate myself thusly. :-) i should go sign myself
> up for a service that farms chapters of good technical stuff for me to
> voluntarily mark up. :-) it is just hard to make a commitment to
> people with some kind of turn-around time since it isn't my day job.
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