[erlang-questions] Microservices vs. Erlang processes

Pierre Fenoll pierrefenoll@REDACTED
Mon Jul 7 20:07:36 CEST 2014

If we're talking about Concurix' Erlang on Bare Metal, I can't find
"Erlang" on their website anymore.
They seem to have completely switched to monitoring node instances.
You can try and test their AMI which is still available on EC2, or you can
look at part of their code here:

I hope they publish their modifications to Erlang/OTP some day as they said
that they improved GC and scheduling on manycore machines!

Pierre Fenoll

On 7 July 2014 19:08, Raoul Duke <raould@REDACTED> wrote:

> > To me, a serious "microservice platform" would look like Erlang on bare
> > metal - with "microservices" implemented as Erlang processes (a
> gen-server
> > seems like an awfully good start for a "microservice"). (Parenthetically
> -
> > whatever happened to the Erlang on Bare Metal and Erlang on Xen
> projects?).
> yes yes yes we need more of that fun stuff :-)
> http://www.xenproject.org/developers/teams/mirage-os.html
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