[erlang-questions] A question about erlang shell in Emacs (at startup)

ami m3oucat@REDACTED
Fri Jul 4 16:38:00 CEST 2014

Hi Vlad,

I’m trying to run erlang shell at Emacs startup. 
Just to get a some kind of IDE, when I have an erlang shell, an editor window, etc
right after startup. 

And I faced with the same problem, you’d faced before. 
(see your question @ http://erlang.org/pipermail/erlang-questions/2004-January/011042.html )

So, I start erlang shell by

in .emacs

but it’s not in active buffer. I, of course, can switch to *erlang* buffer afterwards. 
But I don’t want to switch to *erlang* buffer manually always :(

I tried (sit-for 20) right after (erlang-shell), like

(sit-for 20)

And I do have an erlang shell displayed in emacs right after startup.
But when I press any key/mouse button, it disappears :(
But I can switch to *erlang* buffer manually (it’s not the case).

(switch-to-buffer "*erlang*”)

doesn’t work as well.(if I place it in .emacs right after (erlang-shell) )

Has anybody got erlang shell displayed & working & active right after emacs startup?

Thanks in advance,


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