[erlang-questions] Huge erl_crash.dump (2 gigs) - looking for advice

Jon Schneider jon@REDACTED
Thu Jul 3 16:50:59 CEST 2014


> 'gsd_web@REDACTED

The 'g' is of course 97h.

I'll just insert my general whinge NOT specifically about Erlang but more
about link lists where the size of the overhead _dwarfs_ the data itself.

Also about any code allocating from a heap something less than several
times the size of a pointer.

Back when pointers were sixteen bits things were bad enough but storing
strings in (linked) lists where pointers are sixty four bits and the
minimum overhead for allocating _something_ on any unconstrained heap is
the size of one pointer is ludicrous.

I could go on about how the move to 64-bit computing has got us wasting
even more memory even though in practice almost nothing needs it.

In short and for Erlang use binaries wherever possible (bearing in mind it
precludes storing Unicode directly but not when UTF-8 encoded).


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