[erlang-questions] [Heads up!] Emysql driver is on a roller-coaster of changes

Jesper Louis Andersen <>
Thu Feb 27 16:27:37 CET 2014

Hi e-q@,

The Emysql driver got some TLC today, and the last couple of days. If you
use it, I would like that test out v0.4.1 or master. I tried very hard to
not break backwards compatibility, but I might have failed.

If you hate my patches, there is tags for each older release, so you should
be able to pick up an older version.


* I have genuinely started to sort calls into "Public API" and "Private
API". This means I am trying to constrain the API down to just a few calls.
This is easier to maintain, and it is also less susceptible to errors and
* All the conversion routines in `emysql_util` are now available from
`emysql`. I am trying to make a single-module interface to the application
so you don't need to know what is internals and not.
* Using `emysql_util` is deprecated. But the guarantee is backwards
compatibility until v1.0.0
* The issue-tracker now has tasks to work on, if you feel inclined to help

In general, the TCP handling is a mess. And so is the protocol handling.
But it will take a bit of time until I figure out how to handle those parts
of the code base and revamp them into something more correct. I suspect
there is some speed to be gained by rewriting the code into clean naive

Finally: If you have any lingering patches you would like to see added,
don't hide! Though I admit I changed a lot so reintegrating them might take
some time.

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