[erlang-questions] Creating a diagnostic memory dump of live erlang VM

Scott Lystig Fritchie <>
Tue Feb 25 03:48:24 CET 2014

Hi, all.  Basho uses a tool with Riak for gathering post-mortem analysis
info without the "mortem" part.  That code has been stable for the last
year or more, so it hasn't incorporated info & techniques from Fred's
nifty diagnostic library.  (Yet.)


And there's also bits to gather these reports from several/all nodes in
an Erlang cluster and write them all to the same HTML file.  I've used a
simple 2-node Riak cluster to generate a report with a single
"riak-admin cluster-info" command.  It can be found at:


It's about 1.7MBytes, please be nice to my home HTTP server.  :-)

There's also a framework for adding application-custom reporting
modules.  The riak_core & riak_kv applications take (small) advantage of
this feature, e.g.


The license is Apache Public License v2.  I hope that it's liberal
enough for any & all to use/modify/study to suit their purposes.  Or to
study and mutter "Heck, no."  ^_^


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