[erlang-questions] Why isn't Erlang more popular?

Miles Fidelman <>
Sat Feb 22 23:53:29 CET 2014

Following up on that... People either:
- stick with a language/platform/environment they learned in school (or 
at some point)
- use the language/platform/environment that is forced upon them by 
their environment (job, customers),
or, and only if the above fail,
- search for a language/platform/environment that addresses a problem 
they're trying to solve, and they way they think about that problem

If you're working a problem that is well suited to concurrency, high 
availability, and functional expressions - you'll probably end up with 
Erlang.  Otherwise....

Steve Davis wrote:
> I strongly suspect that it is because erlang forces you to figure out 
> the problem before you write code.
> In general, my observation is that people prefer to distract 
> themselves with trivia and convince themselves of productivity, rather 
> than figure out a real problem.
> This makes erlang appear hard for people - when in fact it's 
> super-easy if you know exactly what you are trying to do.
> My 2c
> /s
> On Friday, February 21, 2014 10:49:33 AM UTC-6, Gordon Guthrie wrote:
>     Instead of us discussing it in private, I thought we should ask
>     people who DONT use Erlang the same question that people have been
>     knawing on on the list.
>     So I have done as Ask HN on hacker news.
>     Due to the ring-voting detection feature you will need to track it
>     down yourself I won't provide a link
>     Gordon
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