[erlang-questions] How to Name Concurrency Patterns

Steve Davis steven.charles.davis@REDACTED
Sat Feb 22 21:22:09 CET 2014

Thank you Jay for this posting. 

It is a refreshing relief from "some other" threads on the list right now 
to see something both educational and _useful_. 

PS this doesn't feel like a "me too" spam response; since I hope it will 
encourage others to look more carefully at this work.

On Friday, February 21, 2014 1:07:11 PM UTC-6, Jay Nelson wrote:
> I don’t have a good handle on naming, but I am giving a talk at Erlang 
> Factory SF
> on concurrency patterns using ets tables as the implementation mechanism.
> The library is now called “Erlang Patterns of Concurrency” and resides at
> https://github.com/duomark/epocxy (was recently renamed, so there may
> be references to dk_cxy around but they now resolve to epocxy)
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