[erlang-questions] modular otp concerns

Richard A. O'Keefe <>
Thu Feb 20 00:10:01 CET 2014

On 20/02/2014, at 1:37 AM, Tuncer Ayaz wrote:
>> Considering what Erlang's used for, it doesn't matter
>> very much if chunks of OTP are split off and pulled
>> over the net when you need them (during initial testing).
> What counts is what we get in the default Erlang "platform" for use
> out of the box.

Complete agreement.  What I was trying to say was that
as long as it *looks* as though everything is there when
you want it, it doesn't much matter how that's achieved.

> This is especially important for escripts. Right now
> we can write escripts relying on many useful libs in the base install.
> Once you remove inets from the base install, you lose the ability to
> bootstrap your project with an escript.

Agreement again.  That would be like shipping the present
system but without the ability to read modules from disc.

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