[erlang-questions] How to Name Concurrency Patterns

Miles Fidelman <>
Wed Feb 19 23:48:45 CET 2014

Joe Armstrong wrote:
> Ptolemy and his mates thought the planets moved in epicyles, they make 
> wonderful drawings
> of this, and gave examples - trouble was they were all wrong. Good old 
> Kepler put them
> right with a few equations.

Of course the numerical algorithms used to produce navigational tables 
look suspiciously like cycles and epicycles :-)

>     I would be interested to hear what name people suggest, but I'm
>     afraid there's about as many concurrency patterns as there are
>     possible combinations.
> Yes - but names like gen_server supervisor, gen_fsm are useful to 
> express designs (to people who know
> OTP) but we need more well know names

how about supervisor and finite state machine - pretty standard terminology

>     I suggest calling the DNS pattern Howard and the load
>     balancer-replacement pattern Clementine.
> ?
How about Fred (as in "Let Fred do it" - the generic autopilot), or 
George (as in "I'll love him, and hug him, and call him George.") :-)



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In practice, there is.   .... Yogi Berra

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