[erlang-questions] Creating a diagnostic memory dump of live erlang VM

Vladimir Ralev <>
Wed Feb 19 01:00:54 CET 2014

Hello all,

As a Java developer I really miss being able to create a "heap dump" of a
live Erlang VM where I can see the objects in each process and the current
process stack variables/trace. I realise there is no java-like heap in
Erlang but there are the processes, mailboxes, stacks, file handles,
sockets, ets and so on.

In Java we can also use query tools to search the heaps for specific
identifying strings/numbers/timestamps to find a graph of related objects.
You can go find objects by type or find the stack variables for given
thread. It would be very useful for understanding the system in production
and diagnose issues.

Would it be possible to have something like this in Erlang or it is
fundamentally not allowed?
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