[erlang-questions] stdapp.mk - yet another Makefile for Erlang apps

Richard Carlsson <>
Mon Feb 17 23:08:54 CET 2014

I recently gave our build system a complete overhaul, and in the process 
created a generic GNU Makefile for building Erlang applications. (Yes, I 
took a quick look at erlang.mk, but it does a lot of stuff that we don't 
currently need, and doesn't do certain things we did need.)


It currently only has rules for building, not for making releases or 
fetching application dependencies.

We build some 200+ applications using this file (driven from a top-level 
Makefile). Only 10-15% of those apps need any additional build rules. 
External apps that we build include lager, nitrogen_core, yaws, erlguten 
and many other.

Design goals have been to keep it straightforward, avoiding too much use 
of GNU magic and trying to make it possible to reuse at least parts of 
it with a non-GNU make. It currently needs gawk, though.

MIT License, so feel free to use as-is or rip out whatever parts you may 
find useful. Feedback/improvements welcome.


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