[erlang-questions] R16B03-1 installation glitch

Lukas Larsson <>
Mon Feb 17 14:03:00 CET 2014


On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 6:56 AM, Richard A. O'Keefe <>wrote:

> [Why does it prefer gcc to clang in this environment?]

Last time I heard clang produced code for beam_emu.c that was about 10-20%
slower than gcc. Also compiling complicated files (I'm looking at you again
beam_emu.c) is much slower in clang.

> (A) Is there any environment in which gcc -g creates whatever.dSYM
>     and whatever.dSYM is _not_ a directory?
probably not. As far as I understand the error you see is something that
autoconf generates. I did not get the error just now when building from git
with autoconf 2.69 on OS X Mavericks, so it might be something that 2.59

Don't have an answer regarding bullet B.

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