[erlang-questions] Erland users group (was re: languages in use? [was: Time for OTP to be Renamed?])

Steve Vinoski <>
Sat Feb 15 15:06:21 CET 2014

On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 8:42 AM, John Kemp <> wrote:

> On 02/15/2014 08:08 AM, Steve Vinoski wrote:
>  On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 7:01 AM, Pieter Hintjens <> wrote:
> [...]
>>     Erlang needs to shed its telco ties, and get an independent steering
>>     committee, and create standards, and multiple implementations, and
>>     also reach out to other language communities through distribution
>>     protocols like ZMTP, and educate those communities, while also
>>     exploiting them and merging with them. Living systems are like the
>>     Borg; they grow by merger.
>> There is a relatively recent industrial Erlang users group that includes
>> major users of Erlang outside Ericsson and also includes the OTP team.
>> It meets several times per year and has already had influence on helping
>> open Erlang to a larger community.
> I think Pieter does have a relevant point about this (standardization
> related to growth of the actual community).

I'm guessing you've never been involved in a standards committee. Having
spent years working on various standards, I can assure you they are
intensely political and are pretty much just an enormous waste of time. (I
was once involved in a heavily politicized standards effort with Pieter, in
fact, and both of us were extremely frustrated with the whole thing.) I
honestly can't see how bringing standards into the picture will help Erlang
in any way.

> How does this "industrial Erlang users group" relate to that? Or the EEP
> process? Are these things related, and/or, should they be?

See https://erlangcentral.org/industrial-erlang-user-group/ for more info
on the IEUG.

The group is relatively new. It's unrelated to EEPs, though I suppose if
there were an EEP the group deemed important I guess it might choose to
help push it along.

In addition to helping provide funds for marketing Erlang, one area of work
of the IEUG to date relates to how the OTP team works with the Erlang open
source community. The OTP team looks to continually improve in that area,
and the IEUG has advised them on that front and will continue to do so.

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