[erlang-questions] Time for OTP to be Renamed?

Valentin Micic <>
Fri Feb 14 13:22:11 CET 2014

> Seems to me that scarcity is a GOOD thing for Erlang programmers. Java coders are a dime a dozen (not necessarily good ones, mind you).  Folks who know Erlang are harder to find - should drive the price up.

Am I the only one seeing how wrong this statement is?
Basic ECON-101 predicts that people buy more of the "stuff", when the "stuff" is cheaper, and, conversely,  less of the "stuff" when the "stuff" is more expensive; thus,  the obvious outcome cannot be a "GOOD for thing Erlang programmers", as they would eventually go extinct. 
Or let me rephrase it -- it may be a "GOOD thing for Erlang programmers" until a cheaper alternative is found. 

If Erlang is to be taken seriously, it has to be seen to have a value beyond (somewhat myopic) value derived by individual programming mercenaries. 

Within the  organization I work for, we have used Erlang for every project since 2002 (and there's been many projects since, and many more to come). Currently we are on average 30% cheaper than our competitors (that are using Java, etc.) and, mind you,  still making a reasonable profit that allowed our organization to grow.

> Short version:  If I were hiring for a project that was inherently concurrent, and required 24x7 operation - I'd be LOOKING for Erlang on a resume.  Someone who spent most of their time coding Java would be a non-starter.

Indeed, for as long as this project may be realized with reduced cost, as a consequence of being more appropriate than Java equivalent.
But, also, the fact that one knows Erlang, does not mean that such a person knows how to put it to good use.

Kind reagards

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