[erlang-questions] Time for OTP to be Renamed?

Miles Fidelman <>
Thu Feb 13 19:54:26 CET 2014

kraythe . wrote:
> Ahh well. I have had my say and stated my opinions more than once. So 
> I can leave it there. It is, however, definitely food for thought 
> about the direction I wish to go with my project. Not so much the 
> issue of OTP as a name but the general impression of "adoption? bah 
> humbug ... if they don't like it they all suck and we don't care." 
> Sounds like a disaster of a business decision to me.
> Im not so sure its going to be easy to staff or finance a project on a 
> language that has 1) tools that need work, 2) a limited trained staff 
> 3) a community that cares little about language adoption. It could be 
> that Erlang becomes another Lisp for me. A language I think rocks but 
> is entirely impractical in the business world.
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This may be a silly observation, but... Is a man who bills himself as 
"Lead Java Architect" and an author of Java books, ever really going to 
be convinced to adopt another Erlang/OTP - whatever it's called, and 
however it's marketed?

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