[erlang-questions] Can epp_dodge:parse accept a ram_file?

Sina Samavati <>
Tue Feb 11 17:05:23 CET 2014

Leo Liu <> writes:

> In
>   {ok, IoDevice} = file:open(Text, [ram]),
>   epp_dodger:parse(IoDevice, 1, [{no_fail, true}])
> where Text is a string, I am always getting:
> exception error: no function clause matching
>         io:request({file_descriptor,ram_file,#Port<0.13034>},
>                    {get_until,unicode,[],erl_scan,tokens,[1,[]]}) (io.erl, line 553)

In your snippet, IoDevice is '{file_descriptor, ram_file, #<PORT>}', whereas the
first argument of epp_dodger:parse/3 must be a Pid.
Why don't create a temporary file?

Sina Samavati
Software engineer


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