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Brandon Clark a.brandon.clark@REDACTED
Fri Feb 7 19:17:55 CET 2014

I have 2 production systems, one Erlang and one not, both maintaining
copies of a large, deeply-nested Erlang data structure.  I need to set up a
monitoring script to confirm that both systems are holding identical copies
of the data structure.

The non-Erlang system is holding an ASCII rendering of the data structure.
 Computing an MD5 sum of this string is easy.  If I can get the Erlang
system to convert its data structure to a string, I can have it compute an
MD5 sum as well and the monitoring is simply a matter of comparing hashes.

I'm stuck on the process of converting the Erlang term to a string.

Str = io_lib:format("~p", [Data])

gives me what I want, except that it includes newlines and indentation that
I can't expect the non-Erlang system to have.

Str = io_lib:format("~w", [Data])

eliminates the newlines and indentation but renders the textual components
of Data as lists of integers, guaranteeing the result won't match the
non-Erlang system.

So the question is, how do I get a "~p"-style rendering of an
arbitrarily-large Erlang term *without* newlines and indentation?

Thank you!

~Brandon Clark
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