[erlang-questions] Version numbering scheme change and the implication / Re: [ANN] Erlang/OTP 17.0-rc1 has been released.

Motiejus Jakštys <>
Fri Feb 7 13:44:32 CET 2014

2014.02.07 13:39, Fred Hebert rašė:
> In this case, the macros are suddenly worthless or not representative
> of the true dependency you are expressing -- the one on individual 
> application versions within an OTP release.

I understand the argument; if that happens, we would end up with a
User-Agent mess. Thankfully, there are not many Erlang vendors these days.

However, the same argument applies to erlang:system_info(otp_release)
and erlang:system_info(otp_version). Having these values in macros just
make this information more easily available.

So I would say: all or nothing?


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