[erlang-questions] Controversial subject of the day: tabs and spaces for indentation

Andrzej Śliwa andrzej.sliwa@REDACTED
Thu Feb 6 17:24:55 CET 2014

I know that discussions sometimes are really hard but we should respect other opinions even if we not agree with them. 
Everybody have full right to keeps own opinion and also should respect others points of view. The good arguments in dicussions are something which I love to hear.

I really enjoy approach of “let it fail” also in real life… with respect to giving somebody chance to change his mind later.

I think there is no space in discussions for “hate” feelings… we could unlike opinions, not agree with them, but I think “hate" is really to strong statement.
On 6 Feb 2014 at 17:13:20, Benoit Chesneau (bchesneau@REDACTED) wrote:

On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 5:02 PM, Garrett Smith <g@REDACTED> wrote:
This has been a very productive thread. If I may try to summarize, for

- Mixed tabs and spaces present challenges for programmer using
different editors and contributing to projects with varied or poorly
defined white space standards

- There are a number of possible solutions to this problem, many of
which have been mentioned here

- The cost of discussing this problem is so much higher than cost of
actually dealing with it - even in cases where a programmer has to
manually copy and past formatted lines to preserve a source file's
dark, twisted and immortal formatting - it's *still much easier* than
talking about how to fix the underlying problem

I feel a certain liberation knowing this.

These are my opinions, which are facts.

I learnt today that I hate any opinions which are facts. This is a fact.

- benoit
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