[erlang-questions] beta release of merl - metaprogramming in Erlang

Richard Carlsson carlsson.richard@REDACTED
Tue Feb 4 12:54:52 CET 2014

So, I finally got around to releasing Merl to Github, under an Apache 2 

I talked about it two years ago in San Francisco:

Slides here:

See the edoc overview for documentation, and the examples/ subdirectory 
for example code.

Currently missing: I'd like to have a good API for working with a 
"module" as an ADT, easily adding and removing definitions and querying 
the current state, and also reading an existing module from file or as 
an AST in a parse transform. The file "examples/merl_build.erl" is a 
start, but I don't have time right now to work more on that. Useful 
sources of inspiration for such an API are 
https://github.com/yariv/erlyweb/blob/master/src/smerl/smerl.erl and 


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