[erlang-questions] The quest for the perfect programming language for massive concurrency.

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These are opinions, not facts.

The benefits of Make are mentioned below. Here is a look at a drawback:
(Recursive Make Considered Harmful)


 On Sun, 2014-02-02 at 21:56 +0200, Zachary Kessin wrote:
> >      1. The tools are, well frankly, garbage. Sorry, in 2014 to be
> >         pushed back to coding with VIM and makefiles is primitive.
> >         Rebar is crytptic and just the pet project of a guy on GIT.
> >         Compared to Gradle, Maven and even (though I don't care for
> >         it much) SBT, rebar is ... lacking. I want to spend time
> >         working on my business logic, not fighting tools. There are
> >         plugins for eclipse and intellij but they have minimal
> >         functionality and i keep reverting back to vim. 
> Actually the tools are quite good, you are just looking at the wrong
> set of tools. Yes Make in one form or another has been around forever
> (1977) but to my mind that means that it actually does the job well,
> and has had all the weird bugs found and pushed out years ago. It is
> quite good at doing the minimal amount of work that is required at any
> given time and will use as many cores as you have around. Rebar has a
> few weird issues but is generally pretty good. 
> Most of the hard core Erlang folks seem to use Emacs and many of the
> tools are setup to work there.  
> That being said there are a group of tools that you probably haven't
> even looked at that are quite powerful and are worth your time, these
> include Dialyzer, Wrangler, PropEr or QuickCheck, and Concuerror. 
> If you define tools to be a fancy IDE then Erlang is lacking, but if
> you define tools as stuff that helps you ship code then Erlang has
> some amazing tools.
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