[erlang-questions] The quest for the perfect programming language for massive concurrency.

Steve Davis <>
Sat Feb 1 01:49:22 CET 2014

On Thursday, January 30, 2014 10:19:45 AM UTC-6, kraythe wrote:
> Ok right up front, I'm a Java Guru

Awesome, I've always wanted to meet one. 

> *Scala: *
> *Erlang:*
> *Pros:*  
>    1. Built for concurrency. Can handle dozens of hardware nodes, 
> Wait, doesn't that depend how much they need to talk? 

>    1. The tools are, well frankly, garbage. 
> Of course the ones you are looking for are. You have to suppose you don't 
need the tools you think you need. 

>    1. Rebar is crytptic and just the pet project of a guy on GIT.
> I guess that's why it's not in the OTP releases. 

>    1. Compared to Gradle, Maven and even (though I don't care for it 
>    much) SBT, rebar is ... lacking. I want to spend time working on my 
>    business logic, not fighting tools. There are plugins for eclipse and 
>    intellij but they have minimal functionality and i keep reverting back to 
>    vim. 
>  As a "java guy" too (not by choice :-), I don't think e.g. maven is free 
from overhead by any stretch of the imagination... I have never found the 
real need for an IDE for Erlang. A good text editor has always been quite 

>    1. Much harder to staff than Scala because it is not Java based. 
> Scala is not java, and I don't see the evidence for what you are saying 
about staffing yet.

BTW: It's my understanding that Erlang has a far better production track 
record than Scala (by maybe a decade)

>    1. Fewer general purpose libraries and no major central repositories. 
>    I don't want to write code to create JSON, that isnt part of my business 
>    scope. I will pick that one of the shelf If i can.  
> Wait, either pick someone else's effort, or if that's not good enough I'd 
suggest that it's better to have to spend a day or two implementing 
something obvious and defined than struggling with some "api" that makes no 
sense owing to the hidden side-effects introduced by someone else's lame 
thinking. In this case, I'd humbly ask you to re-imagine what "business 
scope" means in your question. 

>    1. Records as the only structured data type is ... annoying. 
>  And yet, nobody has improved upon them yet (though I do await frames with 
great anticipation)

The problem I have is I can't find the perfect solution. Erlang is 
> compelling but also is Scala. 
> Opinions?

Opinions, yes :-)

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