[erlang-questions] How to add a self created html page to Ejabberd's admin interface?

Ankit Rana ankitrana1709@REDACTED
Fri Dec 26 14:53:11 CET 2014

How do i go about adding a self created HTML page to ejabberd's home

It would be great *to have an option on the LHS column menu* which leads to
my page:
i.e *along with the following:-*

   - ejabberd
   - Access Control Lists
   - Access Rules
   - Virtual Hosts
   - devlab
   - Access Control Lists
   - Access Rules
   - Users
   - Online Users
   - Last Activity

I am currently using mod_http_fileserver to load my html page *but for that
i have to manually edit the URL in the address bar of my browser.*

I wish to avoid this.
Let me know of your suggestions!

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