[erlang-questions] Windows Pipes as erlang network transport.

Jeffrey Rennie surferjeff@REDACTED
Tue Dec 23 21:27:00 CET 2014

Sewer is an experiment to use Windows Pipes instead of sockets as the
transport for erlang messaging.  The current code proves the concept.  It
plays a game of hot potato using either erlang's native sockets or Windows

Why would anyone want Windows Pipes instead of sockets?
1.  Running in an enterprise environment where Erlang's cookie's do not
integrate with existing authentication and security.
2.  Want to run on a user's machine, and don't want the Firewall warning to
pop up.  The user may not even have permission to poke a hole in the

Please give it a try:

Does this look useful to anyone?  What kind of license would best work with
existing Erlang users?
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