[erlang-questions] relx: how to use system erlang, not embed from my computer?

Tristan Sloughter t@REDACTED
Thu Dec 18 18:14:35 CET 2014

You must also set:

{system_libs, false}.

I've been undecided on making a single config variable that says to not
include erts or system libs.

Or you can set it to include another erts, which could be compiled for
the platform you are deploying to:

{include_erts, "/path/to/erts"}.

I'm working on documentation as well. Currently it is within the rebar3
project, http://www.rebar3.org/v1.0/docs/releases, but is the same for
using relx on its own or with erlang.mk (except that you have to have a
relx.config and can't use profiles). But I'll be creating a relx only
set of docs similar to these.


On Thu, Dec 18, 2014, at 11:09 AM, Max Lapshin wrote:
> I've made simple project with erlang.mk and relx.config:
> {release, {peeklio, "0.1"}, [peeklio]}.
> {extended_start_script, true}.
> {include_erts, false}.
> I compile it under MacOS and copy _rel/... to linux. It doesn't work
> because crypto library is copied with MacOS .so
> How should I force relx to make some output that will use erlang
> from system?
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