[erlang-questions] Why doesn't Erlang has return statement?

Dmitry Belyaev be.dmitry@REDACTED
Wed Dec 17 08:59:52 CET 2014

Although erlang doesn't have return statement, it's not very hard to implement a substitute.

Here is a toy I made but never used: https://github.com/RumataEstor/ereturn

Best wishes,
Dmitry Belyaev

On 16 December 2014 7:05:08 PM AEDT, aman mangal <mangalaman93@REDACTED> wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I have seen similar questions before on the forum but I could never
>understand the reason behind it. Is it due to theoretical reasons such
>as *return
>*statement makes it hard to reason about the program or practical
>that it is hard to implement it (this doesn't seem right but I cannot
>of anything else)?
>Moreover, is there a good alternate to avoid nested case statements?
>more functions just seems tedious. Using *catch *statement seems
>good alternate but my intuition is that it is not good practice, is it?
>Thank you
>Aman Mangal
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