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Vlad Dumitrescu vladdu55@REDACTED
Tue Dec 16 12:50:31 CET 2014

Hi Bruce and all,

I have one addition to the feature list: it should have an Erlang interface
too, so that it can be integrated with other tools. If it only runs as an
escript and gets configuration in a half-magic way, then it's not easy to
integrate it.

best regards,

On Tue, Dec 16, 2014 at 12:41 PM, Bruce Yinhe <community-manager@REDACTED>
> Hi everyone,
> Industrial Erlang User Group (IEUG) has been working together with the
> Erlang/OTP team to investigate and create a package management system for
> Erlang/OTP.
> The lack of a package management system for Erlang has been discussed for
> a long time in the community. In essence, a straightforward package
> management system is believed to take Erlang programming language a step
> forward. Multiple tools will appear in the community. It needs to be
> supported by a highly visible community behind it.
> In order to increase the adoption and to result in a tool widely used in
> the Erlang ecosystem, we are identifying the most important user categories
> and use cases, based on what the majority of the community want in a
> package manager. Therefore we would like to invite an open discussion.
> Now you are welcome to share your thoughts, suggestions or proposals about
> an Erlang package manager. It would be great if you could reply with your
> motivation, explaining why a feature is necessary to have. There are some
> example questions to begin the dicussion with, including, but not limited
> to the following.
>    - What metadata information should an Erlang package include?
>    - What functionality do you need in a package manager for Erlang in
>    order to use it in production?
>    - What other concerns do you have about an Erlang package management
>    system?
> Erlang package manager's brief wish list of features:
>    - Console interface
>    - Web interface
>    - Package Index and Repository
>    - Fetch, Install and Remove Packages
>    - Publish packages
>    - Versioning and Dependency Management
> We are aware of several previous efforts and existing tools that attempt
> to achieve the similar goal. We want to look at existing things, both from
> Erlang and Elixir, to see if they fit the requirements. If not, we will
> then have to make something new, perhaps as a rewrite of an existing tool.
> The IEUG members are putting together requirements for a package manager
> and will work with the community and Ericsson to create a standard and
> address any voids which exists in the existing tooling, funding necessary
> efforts required.
> Best regards
> Bruce Yinhe
> Erlang Community Manager
> Industrial Erlang User Group
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