[erlang-questions] Stopping a supervisor running under a supervisor

Chris Clark boozelclark@REDACTED
Thu Dec 11 10:40:08 CET 2014


I am fairly new to erlang and have a question regarding properly stopping a
supervisor that resides directly under another supervisor.

My application consist of a top level supervisor (my_supersup) which is a
simple_one_for_one supervisor of other supervisors my_sup. Each my_sup
supervises a gen_server, serv and another supervisor that is also a
simple_one_for_one supervisor of some workers

(simple_one_for_one, transient)
|_______ ...
my_sup (one_for_all, transient)
|                            |
|                           serv
(simple_one_for_one, transient)
|___________ ...
|              |
w1          w2

How do shutdown an instance of my_sup gracefully without killing it. At
present I can do it with supervisor:terminate_child and
supervisor:delete_child but I would like them to shutdown rather than be
killed if possible?

Thanks in advance.
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