[erlang-questions] New Erlang Solutions packages with bundled common apps - survey

Karol Urbanski karol.urbanski@REDACTED
Tue Dec 2 17:37:41 CET 2014

we're planning to create new custom Erlang packages that will be
uploaded alongside our current, standard OTP offerings. We're aiming to
add applications that many people use and love, while perhaps removing
some of the apps deemed less useful.

Please, take part in this survey:
https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/customerlangpackages and let us know what
you would like to see in the new package. Your input will be much
appreciated, and will allow us to create packages that better fit your

If you have any additional opinions, ideas or suggestions, you can use the
comment box or, of course, reply here/to me.

Best regards,
Karol Urbanski

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