[erlang-questions] Make application a dependency, but don't start it?

Roger Lipscombe roger@REDACTED
Mon Dec 1 16:39:08 CET 2014

I'm in need of a short-term hack where I have applications A and B. I
need to make the beam files from B available to A when building my
release, but I *don't* want to start B.

I'm using relx.

Unfortunately, B is a non-library application -- it has a {mod, {Mod,
Args}} term in its .app file; I can't change this.

If I add B to A.app.src, then relx includes it in the boot script and starts it.
If I add B to A/relx.config as a goal of the release, the same happens.

How can I make a release of A that includes B without
application:start(B) being called?

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