[erlang-questions] Xmerl question

Rodolphe Quiédeville rodolphe@REDACTED
Wed Oct 9 17:07:57 CEST 2013


This is my first post on this list, I a beginner on erlang with a long
experience in other languages like python or perl.

When using a xml file with syntax error with xmerl_scan:file the output
indicate the line and column number as :

1> xmerl_scan:file('failed.xml').
2542- fatal: {endtag_does_not_match,{was,request,should_have_been,http}}
** exception exit: {fatal,{{endtag_does_not_match,{was,request,

The problem is the file failed.xml is composed with a lot of ENTITY so
the original file doesn't contains 77 lines, the debug is not easy is
this case. Howto dump the final xml really analyzed by xmerl_scan to
debug the xml ? 

Is there any options to pass to xmerl_scan ? I read the doc but can't
find the solution. Any helps appreciate


PS : the question was already post on stackoverflow as 

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