[erlang-questions] OTP R16A has been released

Siri Hansen <>
Thu Jan 31 09:54:11 CET 2013

Hi Fred!
Kernel and stdlib will always be started first. Other applications you can
sort as you want.

2013/1/30 Fred Hebert <>

> Here's a question regarding reltool updates:
>      -- The rel specification now dictates the order in which
>      included and used applications (specified in the .app file as
>      included_applications and applications respectively) are
>      loaded/started by the boot file. If the applications are not
>      specified in the rel spec, then the order from the .app file
>      is used. This was a bug earlier reported on systools, and is
>      now also implemented in reltool.
> Does this let people put in orders that break the load/boot sequence
> (say starting my app before stdlib/kernel, or other ones), or does it
> only allow to specify ambiguous cases (where it doesn't contradict the
> .app file)?
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