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Kunthar <>
Wed Jan 30 15:22:46 CET 2013

It was good idea in 2009 :)
Anyway hope it will help to someone else.

On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 3:24 PM, Simon St.Laurent <> wrote:
> Introducing Erlang, a 200-page tutorial on the language you all (mostly)
> love, is now shipping from O'Reilly:
> <http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920025818.do>
> It's a shorter, cheaper, and deliberately more basic book than the other
> great Erlang books out there.  I very deliberately set out to write a book
> that would get readers started, and make it easier for them to read the
> other books.
> Most readers of this list already know and understand the material it
> covers, but it may be useful to you as a way to prime developers who haven't
> explored Erlang (and may be put off by the notion of functional
> programming).  It moves step by step through simple concrete code, teaching
> the fundamentals of the language.
> Bruce Tate noted that "Erlang makes hard things easy and easy things hard."
> Introducing Erlang walks readers through the "easy things hard" part and
> gives them a glimpse of the promised land of "hard things easy".  Once
> they're done with this book, they should have a foundation that will make it
> much easier to move on to other excellent books and documentation to figure
> out more of process-oriented programming and Erlang's data processing
> capabilities.
> I wrote this book in a different way from most technical books: I wrote it
> while I was learning Erlang myself, instead of afterwards.  My hope is that
> it will better reflect at least one easily followed learning path.
> Thankfully, I had excellent detailed review from Steve Vinoski and Fred
> Hebert along the way, and I need to give Fred extra thanks for reviewing
> this while he was in the final stages of work on Learn You Some Erlang for
> Great Good!
> The book is designed primarily as an ebook, though a print version is
> available.  The ebook nature of it will make it easier for me to make
> changes over time, adding (and correcting if necessary) material, with
> readers getting automatic updates. I do, however, want it to stay short,
> ideally as unintimidating as the giant red flying squirrel on the cover.
> Thank you all for Erlang and the conversation here, which has been very
> helpful!
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