[erlang-questions] If you are homesick for object.selector

Eric Merritt <>
Sun Jan 27 19:28:50 CET 2013

> Garrett
> [1] https://github.com/languages
> [2] I'm reminded of the coding horror that is jQuery
> [3] I'd point to Eric Merrit's outstanding with with Joxa
> (http://joxa.org) as an example of what can be done with core Erlang
> and the Erlang tool chain

We will probably be hoisting Joxa up from Core Erlang to the higher
level Erlang AST sometime soon. Unfortunately, Core Erlang isn't
really the first class language target that it is claimed. The main
problem is it does not produce Abstract Code in the resulting beam.
This makes it impossible to use both Erlang's built in debugger and
Dialyzer on things compiled to Core Erlang. It could be argued that
this isn't a major problem. In Joxa, at least, the lack of those
features have been somewhat painful for new folks.

On the plus side Core Erlang is a nice, simple AST to target that
gives a lot of flexibility.

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