[erlang-questions] Erlang Intro Presentation

Loris Fichera <>
Fri Jan 25 16:05:56 CET 2013

Hey David,

On 01/25/2013 03:42 PM, David Mercer wrote:
> This comes up a couple of times a year, so thought I would send out
> another to see if anyone has any recommendations for
> intro-to-Erlang–type presentations that can be presented to a technical
> team of non-Erlangers during lunch sort of thing.  I can come up with my
> own—and I have searched Google and come up with a bunch—but since this
> does come up periodically on this list, I figure others have done all
> the Google research more thoroughly recently, and I wanted to tap your
> brains for the state of the art Erlang presentation.

Did you have a look at Roberto Aloi's "Why you should build your next 
application in Erlang" talk?




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