[erlang-questions] reltool vs non-numeric app version numbers

Magnus Henoch <>
Thu Jan 17 12:41:14 CET 2013

Magnus Henoch <> writes:

> I was trying to understand why reltool rejected my application with
> "Missing application directory", and eventually came to the conclusion
> that reltool doesn't like application directories whose version
> components contain letters.  My application uses rebar's {vsn, git}
> feature in its app.src file, and thus ends up with a 6-digit hexadecimal
> number as its version number.
> I can generate my release in my working directory, where the application
> is in a directory with a version-less name.  If I install my application
> into /usr/lib/erlang/lib, and give it a name like "foo-42.0", then
> reltool finds it.  Also, if I put a 'lib_dir' option in the 'app' tuple
> in reltool.config, then reltool accepts the directory no matter what
> it's called.  In all of these cases, the code server can find the
> application if I set ERL_LIBS to the parent directory, so reltool has a
> stricter criterion.

I created a test case: https://gist.github.com/4555365


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