[erlang-questions] what is the "race condition bug in core Erlang" mentioned by @damienkatz?

Henning Diedrich hd2010@REDACTED
Fri Jan 11 09:43:36 CET 2013

I love that how languages can be love affairs etc.

A race condition in core Erlang, I am sure Damien will share his find.

In the meantime maybe it's worth looking at the political circumstances. 

Some might note not only that you fall out of love and then you're irrationally deeply disappointed. You'll find all the feeling of understanding was an illusion in the first place. And sometimes you're even right. But that CouchDB surfed the Erlang hype, a while ago Damien was able to close a deal, and for some reason I don't know anyone quite understood announced that he'll reprogram it all in C.

Maybe it was an astounding proposition to program a transactional, local (!) database in the age of Big Data in a language that happens to be transactional by nature but is really made for distribution, and it's not too surprising when that premise is now abandoned. CouchDB is great for certain things, I have no doubt about that, how else could it be so successful.

But maybe one could ask, with the distribution layer of Couchbase coming from Membase [1] (which means it would still be Erlang?) but the local storage being in C (coming from memcached I believe), was there simply a necessity in play because C would be a better fit with the rest of the local part of Membase? Like after renaming things, the CouchDB principle would be reprogrammed, to replace or amend the memcached parts in Membase, to become Coucbase, so it had to be in C? And dealing only with the local storage parts, for a database, which was probably the task … I am not sure that's a natural for Erlang. 

You wouldn't think someone could be talking himself publicly into loving his partner in a forced marriage?

Me for instance, I love C. Erlang always makes me feel stupid. Who wants that.


[1] old: http://blog.couchbase.com/why-membase-uses-erlang

On Jan 11, 2013, at 8:32 AM, Anton Lebedevich <mabrek@REDACTED> wrote:

> Hello.
> In the article
> http://damienkatz.net/2013/01/the_unreasonable_effectiveness_of_c.html
> he writes about "race condition bug in core Erlang".
> I wonder is that bug known/reported/fixed? Is there more detailed
> description of it?
> Regards,
> Anton Lebedevich.
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