[erlang-questions] Why system_flag(scheduler_bind_type) is deprecated?

Max Lapshin <>
Tue Jan 8 12:20:28 CET 2013

> I think Rickard already said he would implement a "silent failure" flag
> for this, so you could do something like
> erl +sbt db +sbt-ignore-failure
> and have it work on, say, OSX because it would silently disable the flag.
> As you say, +sbt has too much of an impact in the real world to be ignored
> for certain types of load, so I still like the default of refusing to start
> if the bind type can't be satisfied.
No, you are wrong with it.  There are problems with capturing 100 Mbit/s
and more via UDP. This feature is required by 1% of users. What for to
disable erlyvideo for other 99% of users?

scheduler binding is a performance setting, system should be gracefully
degraded in case of lacking it.

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