[erlang-questions] Manually remove a message from Process Mailbox

Tony Rogvall <>
Fri Jan 4 20:51:12 CET 2013

And happy new year.

If you also simulate send you could send with a unique reference:
	Pid !  Message
	Pid ! {make_ref(), Message}

Then you can get the k'th message {Ref,Message} and do a selective receive to remove that message:

		{Ref,_Message} -> ok

A bit on the heavy side, but fun.  
Handling timeout is a bit more tricky, but solvable with the above schema.


On 4 jan 2013, at 20:22, Aggelos Giantsios <> wrote:

> Happy New Year to everyone!
> I am trying to simulate the 'receive' expression behaviour.
> I access the process message queue with erlang:process_info(self(), messages).
> Assuming I have selected a message Msg which is at position k in the message list and have safely stored it in a variable,
> is there a way to manually remove Msg from the process message queue?
> Thanks,
> Aggelos
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